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This is the Best Time to Sell your Gold!!!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Among the various options of investments like share trading, Mutual Fund investments, Bank Fixed Deposit, Gold has surpassed once again all these options. On 5 March 2022, the price of 10 gram (24 K) gold in Delhi was more than 53 thousand. Amidst the global unrest of the Ukraine-Russia crisis, the price of gold has soared up to the highest level at the end of February and the beginning of March. This is the best time if you want to sell your old gold items and unused gold jewelery at the highest pay package.

Russia’s sudden invasion and military operation in the different parts of Ukraine has led a global financial turmoil. The global market experienced consecutive crashes. Indian market is not exceptional. The Sensex has gone below 55k, which crossed the historical benchmark of 60k in September last year. So, when the mutual fund investors and shareholders are in a rush to sell their equities at discounted prices, you can sell your gold items with a huge profit. Profit made by the investments in gold and equities stays in a bi-polar existence right now. You lose, if you want to sell your equities right now. But you gain if you want to sell your old and unused gold items. If you need money for personal affairs Like education, marriage, or a new car, this the best time to convert your old and unused gold into money.

The market prices of gold, crude oil, and even equities are determined by several factors worldwide. Russia and Ukraine are two countries rich in minerals. So, a political conflict between them has led to the ups and downs of minerals like gold and crude oil. The shortage of supply is one of the issues for which the price of gold and crude oil are increasing day by day.

You can understand with these short statistics how do you benefit yourselves just by selling your old and unused gold jewelry right this time. On 5 February the price of 10g of 24k gold in Delhi was Rs 49535. On 5 March, in an interval of less than one month, the price has crossed 53000. The gold price of the last one year was volatile for several reasons like the 2nd wave of COVID 19. It might be volatile once again for the tension and neutralization of tension once again. So, it is wise to sell your old and unused gold items when the price experiences a sudden big jump.

There are several gold buyers in Delhi,, Mumbai, and Punjab to buy your gold items at market rate. If your old gold items are not hallmarked, you might lose some portion during the quality testing phase. Then your gold receives the live market rate. Cash for Gold Pvt Ltd has several showrooms across Delhi and NCR, Mumbai, and Punjab to buy your gold at live market rate. So, if you wish to fulfill your dream, this is the high time to do that by selling your gold.



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