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Cash For Gold Pvt Ltd

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A- 91 A, Lajpat Nagar II, Central Market, Next to Style Shoes, Veer Savarkar Marg, New Delhi- 110024


At cash for gold you can sell gold , you can sell silver and you can sell diamonds for instant cash.

Best and Genuine Gold Buyers 

We at CASH FOR GOLD® PVT LTD have been in operation for the last decade and have established ourselves as the most trusted gold buyers® in India. We buy gold, we buy silver, we buy diamonds, we buy gold coins, we buy silver coins we also buy gold jewellery, silver jewellery, diamond jewellery , you can sell scrap gold , sell scrap silver, sell gold coin ,sell silver coin , sell gold ginni ,sell silver ginni to us. You can also sell broken gold ring ,you can sell broken gold coins or sell broken jewellery to us.

Our Presence

Currently we are present in Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Chandigarh, Jaipur as :

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Get Instant Cash For Gold From The Best-Paying Service In India

The adjective ‘golden’ is often used to refer to the most precious things - that shows how precious this yellow metal is to human eyes. For generations, it has been used as a sort of passive investment - and with the knowledge that one is almost certain of getting more cash for gold sale than one is paying. That is because of the unique properties of gold, which won’t corrode easily and shine in all its glory.

People buy gold either as an investment (which often takes the form of gold coins) or as a part of ornament jewellery. That has been a centuries-old tradition in India, and it is still the chief ornament in our bridal makeup. However, sometimes one feels a need to sell gold for cash in Delhi, and in such cases, one must be able to find a good seller for the purpose.

Why Should You Sell Gold Than Borrow Against It


Many people wonder whether it may not be better to sell gold for cash rather than take a loan. We believe it is best to cash your gold due to several reasons. The following are some of the reasons for trying to get gold cash by choosing to sell the gold coin for cash or selling gold coins for cash. 


Firstly, when you cash your gold in Ludhiana, you don’t have to worry about paying the loan back or even instalments for your gold cash.


Secondly, when you exchange gold for cash, you don’t have to worry about harassing calls from the lender asking for interest in cash on gold. Thus, you get a chance to maintain your dignity when you get cash against gold.


Thirdly, when you do get the money, you can always buy and invest in new gold. It is hardly reasonable to pay to keep ownership of something in the hope of possessing it again when you can easily get the same thing in the market for the same price without paying interest.


Fourthly. You can expect a much higher payment for the object you need when you sell your gold rather than take a loan against it. Lastly, you are much less likely to be cheated by a gold buyer than by a lender. All these advantages make cashing gold a much more attractive option.

Fifthly, you can get spot cash for gold easily through us. Our spot cash for gold makes it easy to raise capital in times of emergency by selling gold coins for cash or choosing to sell gold jewellery for cash. Selling gold coins for cash is the best way to raise capital in those cases.

Sixthly, if you sell gold for cash through us, you get all types of benefits. Thus, you can sell gold jewellery for cash or sell gold coins for cash as we allow you to do both. In fact, we the best place for selling gold coins for cash.

Reasons to Sell Gold for Cash

The following are among the chief reasons why you may wish to sell gold for cash: ● Get cash against gold for starting a business or enhancing an existing business As lucrative as gold as a passive and safe investment, it is no match to starting one’s own business. The gold cash, on the other hand, can help you start a business that can become a regular source of income. Similarly, you can also use the cash to improve your existing business to increase revenue. ● Selling gold coins for cash to invest in your children’s education is a smart idea Children’s education is often considered the best investment, often paying many times over the initial cost - all other investments pale in comparison, even those in gold. Thus, you should not hesitate to sell gold for cash to invest in your children’s education. ● Get spot cash for gold to deal with the financial crisis People may face financial woes for any number of reasons, including a family member falling ill, macroeconomic problems, bad investment decisions, financial losses, etc. In such times, we can rely on our gold investments - and it is now time to cash your gold and use that cash to fight the financial crisis you are facing. ● For getting new personal assets As pretty as gold is, it is no match to having a house or a car. You can exchange gold for cash and use the amount to put a downpayment against such assets. Thus, those are excellent reasons to cash your gold. ● Sell gold to raise cash for weddings Weddings are mostly occasions for buying gold for the bride, but it might also be an occasion to get cash against gold for meeting the expenses of the wedding event.

Cash Your Gold, Silver, And Much More

The things we have said above about getting cash for gold in Mumbai are also true for other precious assets you may have such as those made of silver and diamonds. Much like gold, these assets too can be exchanged for cash which can be used for various purposes mentioned above.

Documents Required to Exchange Gold for Cash

To get cash for gold, you will require the following documents: ● Identity proof such as an Adhaar card, PAN card, etc. ● An address proof. ● Proof that you actually own the gold you are selling, such as an invoice. If you have all these documents, you can easily cash on gold.

The Process for Getting Gold Cash

The following are a few simple steps required to get gold cash:

● You may want to start by getting a third-party evaluation as a sort of reference. This step is optional. ● You can approach our branch with desired documents and gold (or silver and diamonds). You can sell gold jewellery for cash whether the jewellery is old or new and you can even sell the gold coin for cash if you like. The process for selling gold coins for cash or silver or diamonds for cash too is the same as described here. ● We shall check the authenticity of the gold. We use the most advanced technologies for measuring the purity of your gold. ● We shall measure gold with highly accurate, state-of-the-art weighing scales to get the precise weight of gold. That helps us ensure that our customers are paid the full value of gold. ● Next, we shall offer a quote for the gold based on the prices currently in the market. ● If the quote is acceptable to you, we shall pay on-the-spot cash for gold. We guarantee spot cash for gold for all our customers. ● You shall walk out with cash on gold in your hand within a matter of few minutes. ● You need not worry about interest on cash against gold or returning the original sum unlike you would have to if you were taking a loan on the same instead of choosing to cash your gold.

The Best Place to Sell Gold for Cash

Cash For Gold Private Limited is India’s leading and award-winning gold buyer company. There are several reasons to sell gold for cash to us, including the following: ● We pay the highest amount of gold cash, so you get the maximum value for your investment. Thus, by selling gold coins for cash, you can easily expect good returns on your investments in same. ● We are the most trusted company selling gold coins for cash as well as for selling gold jewellery. ● Not only do we cash your gold in Chandigarh we can also cash your silver and diamonds. ● The purification test is done free of cost when you sell gold for cash . ● You only pay if you like our quote; thus, the power is with you. ● The whole process, as well as payment, is prompt when you sell gold for cash with us, and you receive spot cash for gold. You can choose to sell gold jewellery for cash or sell the gold coin for cash and expect all these advantages. So, if you wish to exchange gold for cash, please get in touch with us. We shall love a chance to serve you by letting you get cash against gold.

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