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Cash For Gold Pvt Ltd

Your Trusted Gold Buyers





A- 91 A, Lajpat Nagar II, Central Market, Next to Style Shoes, Veer Savarkar Marg, New Delhi- 110024


At cash for gold you can sell gold , you can sell silver and you can sell diamonds for instant cash.

Get Cash for Silver Instantly

People purchase precious metals in vast and traditionally-rich countries like India, especially silver. For ages, people highly invest in silver as it is easily affordable. This precious metal in the form of coins, rings, cutlery, and much more is available in almost every household. 

If you have silver jewelry and wish to exchange it for cash, do not worry. We, at Gold Buyers, are here to your rescue. Avail of our state-of-the-art services and sell silver conveniently. We offer the best market price and great deals to let you sell your silver coins, chains, and whatnot.

Located at multiple locations all over India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Punjab, visit us freely. You can not only exchange silver coins for cash but also much more. Know what all you can put on sale with us today.

Our Presence

Currently we are present in Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Chandigarh, Jaipur as :

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What Can You Sell With Us? 


We are the leading purchaser of precious metals, such as silver, gold, and diamond. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is always here to assist you in selling your precious metal seamlessly for money. We offer a free and no-obligation valuation of your silver to help you stay relaxed. Now is the time to sell silver that has been in your home for ages and gain some monetary value. So, what is stopping you to get cash for silver jewelry? You can have a glance below to find what silver items can be exchanged for cash with Gold Buyers.

  1. Silver Rings

  2. Silver Chains

  3. Silver Bangles

  4. Silver Earrings

  5. Silver Anklets

  6. Silver Tankards

  7. Silver Cutlery

  8. Silver Cufflinks

  9. Silver Trays

  10. Silver Tea Sets

  11. Silver Coins

  12. Silver Ornaments

  13. Other Silver Items


Exchange your items of silver for cash today and have a great experience with us. Sell your silver coins for cash instantly with Gold Buyers and enjoy the benefits.  

The Process to Exchange Your Silver for Cash


Having a great experience in the market, we offer the most competitive pricing for your silver items. So, get a top value for your silver belongings today by speaking to our team of specialists in person. To know the process followed by us to help you sell silver for cash, you can have a glance below:-

Check Out Your Silver Belongings


Once you bring your silver items to our stores, we test and assay them thoroughly to check the purity of the metal. 

Look for the Live Market Price


After analyzing your silver items, we look at the live market rate and decide the monetary value accordingly. Our team of experts ensures that your belongings, such as ornaments and cutlery, are exchanged at a great price. 

Instant Exchange


You can get your money instantly after an exchange of silver for cash and walk out of the store satisfied. 

Enjoy the ease and fairness of transactions with us. You can sell your silver coins, broken silver items, and many more, and feel confident. So, feel free to visit us today. 

What Sets Gold Buyers Apart? 


Today, distinct platforms are available to sell off your silver and other precious jewelry in the market to get cash. However, some of these are fake and unreliable. Thus, you must rightly select the platform or a store to ensure you get true and fair value for your asset. 

At Gold Buyers, you will have the best experience get cash for silver jewelry. Our experience in dealing with precious metals and helping people get the best value for their assets makes us stand out from others. Let us look at our state-of-the-art services and facilities, providing seamless transactions and instant exchange. 



One of the significant factors while choosing a platform to sell silver for cash is its reliability and the form of transacting. With us, you can trade reliably without any hindrance. We purchase silver as available, broken, new or old, mixed with other metals, or otherwise. You can enjoy the flexibility to sell your precious metal without fear of unnecessary monetary deductions as silver is purchased at the current rate. 

If you wish to, you can compare the live market of silver from other stores with ours and check how fairly we make transactions. There is no need to fear any rate variation as we offer genuine deals to help you make informed decisions. Get assured of cash given out instantly and stay relaxed. 

Give Receipts & Bills


With our top-notch equipment and methods, your silver items are measured accurately. At all our stores across India, we aim to provide standard dealings. 

After you have agreed to sell silver for cash, our team of professionals issues a legitimate bill, giving the details about the weight and value of the silver sold, etc. We require identity proof of customers to verify the address and add possession to ensure complete transparency. Once we receive it, your exchange is verified, and you can get cash swiftly. Thus, with fairness and accuracy, you can ensure effective transactions. 

Value Added Benefits


We provide value-added benefits and offers that can be applied during your exchange of silver for cash. You may avail of such offers and get huge returns. 

Turn Your Silver into Money in No Time With Gold Buyers


Are you in financial need and looking for a reliable platform to get cash for silver? Do not worry; we at Gold Buyers are here to assist you. Offering convenient, easy, and transparent transactions for a decade, you can use our experience as an advantage to ensure the seamless exchange of silver items for money. 

You can avail of our steady services if you have an urgent need. You can ensure that your silver belongings are marked at a live market price, leaving you overwhelmed and satisfied. So, sell silver for cash now with us at the best price and stay tension-free.

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