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Cash for Diaomond in Ludhiana | Sell Diaomond in Ludhiana | Diaomond Buyers in Ludhiana
Your Trusted Gold Buyers

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 Fountain Chowk

Build No. 406/1, Government College Rd, near Fountain Chowk, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, Punjab 141008

Avail of Cash for Diamonds in Ludhiana With Gold Buyers

Do you need immediate funds? Do not worry! We, at Gold Buyers, are here to provide you with the ultimate solution. Exchange your precious diamonds with us and get cash in no time. You can quickly liquidate your assets and enjoy the most competitive deals with us. 

We have an experience of more than a decade and helped thousands receive instant cash quickly. We proudly announce that we have bagged the Make in India Emerging Leader of the Year 2021 for our valuable & state-of-the-art services and fair business deals. 

So, if you are looking for the best diamond jewelery buyers in Ludhiana, Gold Buyers is your one-stop destination. Our team of experts determines the price of your diamonds fairly so that you get the actual value of your assets. If you have any questions regarding the exchange process, or anything else, you can get in touch with us today.

Sell Diamonds in Ludhiana at the Highest Price With Us

You may wish to get the actual value of your assets. We truly understand you, and thus offer the highest price so you can stay relaxed and happy. So, receive cash for diamond in Ludhiana today and eliminate your financial worries. Our team of experts ensures that the value of your diamonds is ascertained as per the current market value. We guarantee you the most competitive deals you may not find elsewhere. 

With Gold Buyers, you can enjoy a hassle-free transaction process. We offer the flexibility to our customers to sell diamond in Ludhiana. Check out our list of diamond items you can trade with us:-

  1. Diamond Rings

  2. Diamond Bangles 

  3. Diamond Earrings

  4. Diamond Bracelets

  5. Diamond Chains & Necklaces

  6. Diamond Anklets

  7. Diamond Tankards

  8. Diamond Cutlery

  9. Other Diamond Items- Used or Tarnished

Many diamond buyers do not trade in broken diamond items. However, with Gold Buyers, you can sell anything made of metal and get the actual price. To ensure our customer satisfaction, our team of experts uses the latest technology to determine the true cost of your diamond items. You may not even lose an ounce with us while selling your precious metal. Visit the most trusted diamond buyer in Ludhiana to get on-spot cash. 

Ways to Determine Your Diamond Value in the Market

It is crucial to ascertain its full cost to ensure you are rightly paid for your diamond. You may visit the diamond buyer to determine the monetary value of your diamond and compare it with those offered to you. With this trick, you may not lose the extra cents of money. 

Some factors that can help you determine the cost of your diamond are:-


Many of you may assume that a diamond is colorless. Well, this is not true. However, diamonds that appear to be colorless have the highest price. You may note that colorful diamonds are an exception. Based on the color of your diamonds, diamond buyers determine the value of your diamond. 


Buyers determine their true cost depending on the size and weight of your diamonds. They use the latest machinery and equipment to calculate their weight precisely. 


Diamond buyers ascertain the price of your diamonds depending on their quality and condition. If diamonds lack blemishes, they have a higher cost in the market. 

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Liquify Your Diamonds

Indulging our customers in complicated processes is not our forte. You can sell diamond in Ludhiana smoothly and quickly without indulging in hectic formalities. With these three easy steps, you can get quick funds:-

Experts Check Diamonds

Our well-trained staff considers many factors, such as the diamonds' color, carat weight, and clarity, to check their purity & quality. Once we approve the purity, we continue with the process. 

Check the Current Market Rate

We check the current price of diamonds, ensuring you get a fair price. Then, we calculate the cost of your diamonds and offer you the best deal. 

Instant Exchange 

You get on-spot cash and the receipt. You walk out of stores with no worries and precious smiles. 

So, what stops you from visiting the best place to sell diamond in Ludhiana? You can consult our team of experts either on-call or face-to-face, whichever is more convenient. 

Why Choose Gold Buyers?

Many diamond buyers impose hidden charges during the final payouts, such as service charges, valuation charges, etc. This may lead to the loss of a significant amount of your diamonds. You may wish to change your decision to sell your diamond, even if you need money. 

With Gold Buyers, you may have nothing to worry about. We are the best diamond buyer in Jaipur that can help you achieve the total value of your asset. Our team of experts does not impose any hidden charge, ensuring you feel satisfied and happy. With us, you can enjoy the flexibility to sell your diamonds from broken to tarnished, which you may not find anywhere else. 

Unlike many diamond buyers in India, we do not indulge our customers in complex and hectic formalities. Since you require money at the last minute or immediately, we offer a simplistic trading process, helping you acquire funds quickly. With our three-way process, you can have money in your pocket. So, visit or call us today to get immediate funds. 

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