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Why and how should we invest in Gold? Cash For Gold

Updated: Apr 14

When we invest in gold, we invest for a better future. Gold has a proven record of high return value over the years. We can use the ornaments for our fashion statements, religious and cultural rituals. When those become obsolete, we sell them at a handsome price and sometimes it offers us the value of few times than kits cost price years back. Gold is the only metal that has multiple ways of utilization with highly profitable resale value. The market price of 10 g 24 karat gold value was about Rs 18500 in 2010. In 2011, the current value of 10 g 24 karat gold is Rs 48,600 across India. This show that gold has higher eligibility as a way of investment than any other traditional way.

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Gold is preferred by almost all Indians as one of the best ways of investment because of its liquidity, consistency of growth rate, and capacity to beat inflation. There are so many ways through which we can invest in gold. We can invest in Gold by buying physical gold. We can invest in it through ETF (Exchanged Traded Funds), Gold Mutual Funds, Gold Bonds, Digital Gold etc. But most of the Indians prefer investing in gold through buying jewellery and gold items like coins and bars. Behind such thoughts, there is a connection to Indian rituals and traditions. We believe that gold is a lucky metal. Buying gold ornaments brings the blessings of the goddess Laxmi. We consider buying gold items as auspicious during the festivals like Dhanteras and Diwali.

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When we buy gold, several things we should take under consideration to ensure that we get the best resale value of it. The first thing is to choose an authorised and reputed gold seller. We should always buy 22-carat hallmark gold for jewellery and 24-carat hallmark gold for coins. This ensures that we get almost 100% resale value after the deduction of taxes and making changes. We may consider investing in coins and bars for avoiding high making charges of ornaments. But it is undeniable that ornaments have multiple utilizations.

Only buying gold items is not sufficient, we have to ensure its safety too. We can keep it in safe lockers but still, there is always a high chance of missing and other unwanted threats. Every day, we get plenty of news in the daily newspaper regarding the missing and stealing of ornaments from homes. A bank locker can be a safer place to ensure better safety. But we have to be conscious while travelling with those to bank lockers. It is better if we rent a locker nearby to our living place. Only buying gold is not enough, preserving it at a safer place is the most important concern.

Investments in gold become a wise step for our future when we choose genuine gold buyers for our precious metals. Choose gold buyers sensibly verifying their reputation and authenticity. Genuine gold buyers ensure the safety of you and your gold items along with providing you instant cash for gold at a live rate.

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